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Parliamentary website TheyWorkForYou launches redesign

MySociety, the non-profit organisation led by Tom Steinberg, has redesigned their TheyWorkforYou.com website with data about UK Parliamentary politics.

The site provides easily accessible records of the UK Parliamentary process, and now contains data going back to 1935.

The immediate benefit for journalists is that the records going back this far are now far more accessible than previously. Previously, the archive data only went as far back as 2001. Continue reading

Twickie: easily blog responses to a Twitter question (Something for the Weekend #14)



This week’s Something for the Weekend tool review continues the Twitter theme with a simple tool which helps bridge the Twitter-blog divide.

If you’ve ever posted a question on Twitter and followed it up with a blog post discussing the responses, you’ll have probably been frustrated by the inability to present those responses in the blog post – you either have to link to each one, or copy and paste them from Twitter Search (which means ugly table-based HTML and irrelevant messages, newest-first).

Twickie is a cute solution to that problem. You log on with your Twitter username and password, browse through your recent tweets to find the question you posted, and click on ‘Get @s‘ to see the replies ordered oldest- or newest-first. Continue reading