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Journalism enterprise headlines

The team at JournalismEnterprise.com have been busy – here are some of the most recent reviews:

Pownce: a Twitter with bells on.

EveryBlock: Adrian Holovaty’s much-anticipated news mapping service gets a five-star rating.

Newstin: multilingual news search: “Its taxonomy engine goes way beyond the usual keyword and tags approach. For each article, Newstin’s engine is able to tell you what it’s about, who was mentioned, where it happened, etc.

Gnooze:  satirical daily news show for YouTube browsers.

Skewz: “a political Digg that goes both ways. You can submit any news story and the community can vote on how “liberal” or “conservative” the story is.”

As always, the review is only the start of the process: please add your own comments on the sites. And if you want to review sites for JournalismEnterprise.com, what’s stopping you? Send an email to info@journalismenterprise.com to join.