On a panel at One World Week: Changing Face of the Media

On Monday I shall be on a panel at Warwick University’s One World Week discussing the ‘Changing Face of the Media‘. The blurb:

Traditional forms of media, such as print and television, are in decline as far as circulation and audience ratings are concerned. There is no consensus as to whether the cause is a greater variety of information sources, or whether the few that hold the power over large parts of the media sector are consolidating their influence. This debate will also question how the sector is responding to this challenge, seen as some would argue that the industry as a whole is not suffering, particularly in light of the meteoric rise of the internet as a source of information.

Other panellists include NCTJ chairman and former Independent on Sunday editor Kim Fletcher; broadcaster and professor Ivor Gaber; and TV producer Muddassar Ahmed. 

If you want to shout abuse at me, say hello, or just lurk, the talk runs 3:00pm-4:30pm (Monday 21st), at the University of Warwick Arts Centre – Cinema. As far as I can tell entrance is free.

Likewise, if you think there are any points you’d like me to make based on the above blurb, post them to the comments please!

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