Something for the weekend #6: Mashups with Yahoo! Pipes

Pipes tutorialImage by Sid05 via Flickr

This weekend’s tool-to-play-with is Yahoo! Pipes. Chances are you’ve heard of Yahoo! Pipes (it’s been around for over a year and I’ve blogged about it before) but if you’ve not played with it yet, now is the time to have a go.

Pipes is essentially a mashup tool, particularly useful for doing things with RSS feeds. And at its basic levels it doesn’t require any knowledge of programming language.

Here’s some examples of things I’ve done with it:

They were pretty easy, to be honest. More impressive are:

One of the great features of Pipes is that you can ‘clone’ any other pipe. So if I like the look of Hamman’s UGC finder, I can clone it and tweak it to my own requirements, or add features on top. Hamman can see that and clone my improvements back.

It’s also searchable. See this search for ‘Birmingham’ to see some of the possibilities for local newsgathering and publishing.

A thorough explanation has been on my to-do list for far too long and now I’m looking for a virtual support group. So let me know: have you used Pipes? Do you know of other journalistic examples?

Or have a play and let me know how it goes.

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6 thoughts on “Something for the weekend #6: Mashups with Yahoo! Pipes

  1. Pieter Ardinois

    I’m using Yahoo Pipes for different goals. One of the nice applications is scraping a HTML page for particular content, turn it into an RSS feed and feed it to Twitter. Traffic and weather reports are being tweeted as they appear on different sites.

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