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UK hyperlocal blog, meet Icelandic blogger: the iDaventry council debt campaign

Launched in April/May 2009, idaventry is a community driven local news and features site with strong editorial comment. I invited publisher Dave Raven to write a guest post for OJB on their latest campaign regarding Daventry Council’s investments in Icelandic banks.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be writing this guest post, since there will be few occasions when a local community website such as iDaventry.com can speak off-topic about an international event.

The reason is Daventry District Council’s investment fiasco, locking up £8 million of ratepayer’s cash in the four Icelandic banks that crashed so spectacularly last October.

This June a Parliamentary select committee the CLG, concluded Local Governments were badly advised by external treasury management advisers. So that’s alright then – it’s not the Council’s fault. Continue reading

Online journalism atlas: Iceland (by Liz Bridgen)

In the latest part of the Online Journalism Atlas, Liz Bridgen looks at the online media scene in Iceland. Got any information about your own country’s online journalism? Add it here.

As the country with the world’s deepest penetration of internet use (86.3% of the population) and highest literacy rate (around 99%), it’s no surprise that Iceland should have a buoyant online media scene.

The print, broadcast and online environment

Iceland’s population of just over 300,000 have a choice of three national Icelandic-language newspapers – all with online editions – plus several domestic English-language titles aimed dually at tourists and the growing útlendingur (foreigner) population. Continue reading